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If your not aware, MAT therapy is what I am studying now, very interesting work. It aligns the spine/bodies joints/muscles, which eliminates pain response. It has been working for me personally and in my practice have seen much success with this technique. exciting to say the least.  You should come and check it out if you haven’t had your posture assessment done yet.   The Best is yet to come.

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  1. Now I had the pleasure of meeting Robert at my work, where upon seeing me he immediately understood I needed help.

    At the time, I was walking with the aide of a walking-stick, slumped over, both forward and to the left. Every moment I spent upright was a struggle, and had been for over a month, recently having gone from ongoing mild pain over the course of 7 months, to constant AGONIZING pain that refined the top of my pain scale. I couldn’t walk, or sit, or even lay still without pain. It felt like I couldn’t do anything to make the pain go away, which had some rough effects on my mental health as well. It was immensely frustrating and at times even embarrassing to feel so weak. I had tried all kinds of relief from pharmaceuticals, to stretching, to massage, to medical marijuana, and most things in between (While the marijuana provided far more relief than anything so far, the daily intense pain caused my THC tolerance to skyrocket, making treatment much more difficult) but nothing seemed to provide enough relief to keep me going alone.

    Robert spoke to me about his practice and what he specialized in, specifically treatment for people like me. His friendly demeanor, his uncanny and professional eye for my ailments, and his kind words really touched me; and for the first time in what had been too long, I had hope.

    The wait for my weekend to go to his practice couldn’t go by fast enough for me, and I was eager but a little bit wary about how this all might go. The first visit to me felt liked what I can almost only describe as magical.

    Robert set to work discussing with me everything that this all would entail, talking to me about what I might expect, about how my condition was, and over the course of the next hour started his physical treatment of me. Now, after that first session I stood higher than I had in over a month and almost couldn’t believe it. Robert’s ability to diagnose and treat and communicate my issues simply astounded me, not only because of the professional astute work; but because of the way he talked about everything with me. I felt like I was truly a part of the process, learning as we went; about how to listen to my body, about the treatments, about what I could do on a daily basis to help my progress, and answering any and all questions (and I had quite a few).
    Making me so included really made a huge difference to me, and inspired me to take an active role in my recovery, which he also provided resources for to help me along the way.

    It’s been several weeks and several visits since that first day, and Robert’s dedication to his practice and to me has quite literally changed my life. While I still have quite the journey ahead of me, never have I faced it standing taller or with more hope than I do today, and that is all due to Robert Stamper and the faith he had in me. I could not be more grateful.

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