Frequently Asked Questions…

Q: What should I wear to my massage?
A: Comfortable clothing, leave all jewelry at home.

Q: Will I be completely naked?
A: You will be covered at all times except the body part that is being worked and then you will be draped with a sheet and blanket. Your comfort is THE most important thing. I will NEVER do anything that you’re not completely comfortable with.

Q: Is it customary to remove all clothing?
A: Yes, as long as your comfort level allows you to with complete confidence. I am a professional therapist.

Q: What if I choose to leave on under garments?
A: I never touch areas of the body that you’re not comfortable with me working, however there are techniques that will allow me to work while covered or with under garments on.

Q: I like when the massage hurts a little is that normal?
A: Yes, Ideally we will work superficial to deep, slowly working thru the layers of tissues to reach the deeper muscles. I like to refer to the pressure or depth as a hurts so good pain. If we work the body too aggressively it has a reflex response that will actually make the muscle tighten more.

Q: How often should I receive a massage?
A: Many people choose to make massage a regular part of their wellness plan. I like my clients to listen to the body and to respond appropriately. The average person should receive a massage once a month, ideally.

Q: Who should receive massage?
A: Massage benefits everyone. No exceptions, however there are certain considerations to be made to protect the safety of the client/patient.

Q: How much water should I drink a day?
A: I recommend 6-8 large glasses.

Q: Does stretching help?
A: Of course it does, watch your animals they have never been told to stretch and my cats have made it an art.

Q: Can I make the pain I have go away?
A: Yes, there are steps that must be made to improve muscle imbalance. I am a professional with the skills to help my clients help themselves. A balanced treatment plan and education are the ultimate source of continued relief of pain.

Q: Why does touch/massage feel so good?
A: We are typically a race of beings that long to be touched. Touch is the first sense we develop when we are born and the last sense we loose upon our deaths. Connection with another has always been a healing thing, either by the touching or the emotion of feeling cared for and loved. With my work my intent is not to just touch my clients but to touch them. There are three common types of touch in the United States, most common is no touch, second most common is sexual touch, third most common is abusive touch. I offer an amazing alternative – safe touch.