I have dedicated my massage practice and, in truth, my life to growth, knowledge, honesty, passion, and love.

My experiences have allowed me to help my own pain, and given me the clarity to better help my clients.

1961 – I was born under two pounds in weight, by C-section. I spent the next three months in a Neonatal Intensive Care  unit. “Back in the day”, to survive that was rare.

1970 – I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome. Nine years old and in isolation. I spent about four months hospitalized in ICU, scared and paralyzed starting from the toes to just below my lungs, all of this happening to me in about two weeks time. I was afraid to die and hated to be a burden to my parents. To be able to move, and not hurt was, and still can be very tough for me.

My Father,  Joseph Arthur Stamper, was an air traffic controller for 28 years. His health and mind suffered greatly because of his occupation. He began alternative and complementary health care for his own deteriorating health. Hypnothery, Reflexology, Energy work, and Therapeutic massage modalities. In his own quest to help himself became a therapist, like father, like son.

1979 – While clearing dry deadwood from my Grandpa’s woods, my brother was throwing me a section of log, to then be thrown to the wood splitter. My brother and I were trying to make some summer money selling firewood. When a log hit me in the right side of my head, (to find out 30 years later) BROKE my neck! Never did get any medical care, I was okay, and (YOUNG) Mother and Dad would really be upset with the great big medical expense to a hospital. With my earlier experience with hospitals, didn’t want to go there anyway, unless I was going to die… wow, being young is dangerous. LOL

1984 – I herniated my lower back at several levels. Doing a remodel job on a bathroom, I improperly lifted and moved a toilet for replacement. Bad move! Olympics were on television in LA and I could watch all events… boy, what was I thinking?? Did not know how hurt I was at that point. Pain pills, Muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds… typical protocol.

Pain pills don’t help pain heal and can give you false sense of wellness.

1997 – 13 years later… 100 Pounds Fatter. Physicians Institute of Therapeutic Massage. Formal education starts. The seemingly, endless quest for the technique or system or person or thing, to help me. I just wanted to stop all of the pain! Tried to have a life. Did my best to make it get better, always seemed like I was doing better, then, wham! Another round of excruciating pain, anxiety, insomnia, and depression… really a cycle… all those emotions/ states of being related to one another.

2007 – While performing the musical, Best little Whorehouse in Texas, I jumped off the stage to the audience level and the next thing I knew I couldn’t move my left arm, hand, shoulder and,neck. Talk about PAIN, again different location this time, but none the less… PAIN!! That’s when I found out years earlier I had BROKEN my neck. OOPS Just a broken neck!

In between, MRI’s & Epidurals, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy & Drugs, Massage, Essential oils etc……NO REAL LASTING RELIEF. Very depressing and very upsetting.

Meanwhile: working in a clinical situation every day for the last 20 years. Doing all possible for me to help others, as well as myself. I have always said, “I get more from doing my work, than the people I work with receive”.  I have always worked with focus and discipline to be the best Therapist I can be, (thanks for that too, Dad)

2017 – I was introduced to MAT – Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy. Brain and body systems work together. The goal is to reduce pain by recreating optimal balance and performance. Like a connect the dot puzzle, 33 years of “doing the work”, education, and immense effort on my part , CLARITY!!!

I had no choice except to die or hurt and lose out on my life. NO ONE ELSE COULD HELP, OR BE THERE FOR ME. BUT, my faith was there from my first breath, through all the rough beginnings. Hard to imagine how tough… until years later, and the effects show.

My faith gave me the opportunity to learn, grow, and heal myself. For that, I am and will be, FOREVER grateful. Now to serve.

What will your story be?? You can receive help, I did.

To all those who do and did or will help me along my journey, to my wonderful and patient wife of 36 years, to my educators, I say THANK YOU and may GOD bless you and your body and life. Lots of love to you all.

The rest (as they say) IS HISTORY

~ Robert J. Stamper CLIMT, NCBTB, AMMP