Structural Alignment Therapy – MAT:
Session time (1 hour) $75(1/2 hour) $40

Medical Massage:
Session time (1 hour) $75 (1/2 hour) $40

Massage work designed to relieve pain and reeducate muscle memory. Not your typical massage session. This work has specific medical intent to change body distortions and create balance and function.

Deep Tissue:
Session time (1 hour) $75 (1/2 hour) $40

This technique is a more aggressive approach to releasing muscle spasms, releasing core muscles that support the body. Deep pressure is applied to Trigger Points that have several effects on the muscle. Overall this type of work is more therapeutic than relaxing, however it should never be truly painful.

Therapeutic Hour:
Session time (1 hour) $75 (1/2 hour) $40

Work targets specific area or areas of the body, for extra focus on troubled muscles. Combinations of different techniques are used with specific intent to produce lasting results.

Session time (1 hour) $75 (1/2 hour) $40

This technique is a soothing, relaxing massage. Long flowing strokes, kneading, stripping, using pressure mainly upward to assist lymph and blood flow back toward the heart. This type massage is the most common performed in the U.S.A. The work relaxes the muscles, improves circulation, assists lymphatic flow thru the body as well as sooths the nervous system. Giving the body and mind and overall sense of wellness and relaxation.